Principles and rules for taking part in The Museum’s Attic

At The Museum’s Attic we encourage reader participation through comments on the blog and other content published on our website. We also want to promote a quality conversation with readers that enriches the debate and pluralism in social issues and one where name-calling, insults and going off-topic are not allowed. The aim is to provide readers with a platform for debate and discussion in which the following principles are respected:

  • We welcome all comments from all readers that help to enrich the content and quality of The Museum’s Attic.
  • Disagreement and opposing views are crucial to the debate. Name-calling, personal attacks, insults or any off-topic expressions or content have no place in The Museum’s Attic.
  • Our moderation policy ensures the quality of debate based on the principles of pluralism and respect. At The Museum’s Attic we will be very strict in deleting opinions that are insulting, xenophobic, racist, homophobic or defamatory or any others that we consider unacceptable.
  • The reader will comment with their full name and promises not to send messages that defame, insult, contain false, inappropriate, abusive or threatening information, harm the image of third parties or for any reason are in breach of the law.
  • Messages written in block capitals, advertisements or about issues off the topic of the article will be deleted.
  • The Museum’s Attic reserves the right to remove comments that we consider inappropriate and to exclude anyone who breaks these rules.