About us

What is The Museum’s Attic?

The Museum’s Attic is a blog that aims to be somewhere to respectfully discuss and debate the realities facing the Roma in a globalised and constantly changing society. We do not want this blog to be a place for negative criticism but rather our intention is to provide posts that invite people to think and act constructively and cohesively.

The Museum’s Attic will offer thoughts on a range of issues that affect us as Roma, but always with respect and pluralism. Yet above all we want you, our audience, to take part and make The Museum’s Attic into your blog where you can share your opinions and enrich those of others.


Who’s behind it?

Probably many of you are wondering why a Romani opinion blog has been called this. The answer is simple; this blog is an initiative of the Virtual Museum of the Roma in Catalonia, a web project led by Rromane Siklovne, an association of Roma students in Barcelona.

The Virtual Museum of the Roma in Catalonia is a website that aims to bring the Roma world to the majority society in a lively, flexible and understandable way, always with the intention to dispel prejudices and stereotypes about our people.


Can I write my own posts or raise issues?

Of course! Just send us your text and we’ll look at it. You can reach out to us at: